Brand Marketing Solution

Brand Marketing Solution

With marketing experts who know young people well, enhance word of mouth communication of brand on Dcard

Create buzzWord-of-mouth communicationIn-depth communication

Experiential Marketing

Recruit users to try out the product, create buzz through spreading of the ordinary users' product trial feedback

Tailormade survey to select target audience according to features of product
Objective unboxing product review with precise targeting
Authorize the brand to use the product trial article and comments in other marketing campaigns (e.g. online ads)

Sponsored Article

Interactive campaign includes copywriting for brand features and users could interact by commenting the article

Copywriting for brand and product features
Recruit Dcard users to participate in designated tasks by commenting the post creatively
Additional voting and special effect features, further enhance the impact of campaign

Influencer Solution

Promote the feature of products or services through micro-influencers on Dcard

A variety of micro-influencers available on Dcard, their published content has high engagement rate
Forms of cooperation: copywriting of article with photos, participating in VIP events, sharing of short video clips

Video Marketing

Production of video programs popular among young people helps promote the highlights of the brand

A variety of creative video programs
Soft selling of brand features by crossover with hot topics on Dcard

Campus Event

Dcard and the brand together create buzz in campus through offline interactions

Pre-event online promotion arouses attention of the event
Hold the event during school festivals gather crowds, making the event come alive

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