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What are achievement badges?

What is the "Achievement Badges" feature?

"Achievement Badges" is a reward system developed by Dcard to encourage active participating by users. To motivate users who actively comment, Dcard has created five types of badge rewards: "Top Contributor," "Nest Builder," "Super Star," "Icebreaker," and "Grand Entrance".

How to earn the "Achievement Badges" ?

  • Top Contributor: Achieved by having the most likes and support from authors for recent comments.
  • Nest Builder: Achieved by having the most comments and "likes" reactions in response to recent comments.
  • Super Star: Achieved by receiving the most "likes" reactions for recent comments.
  • Icebreaker: Achieved by frequently being the first to comment below a post.
  • Grand Entrance: Achieved by leaving your first comment on Dcard and sharing your thoughts.

Why does this feature exist?

Dcard developed the achievement badge reward system to encourage positive comments and active interaction with others on the platform. It provides rewards when you achieve certain commenting behaviors.

How to use "Achievement Badges"?

You can decide whether to display the badge with each comment. Note that you can only display this badge when commenting in the "badge-earned forum." Once you earn the "Achievement Badge," it will be displayed under your username or school identity when you interact with others through comments.

If you haven't earned any achievement badges in a specific forum, you won't have the option to wear the badge while commenting.

How to display the achievement badge:

  • Click on the "Comment" function and open the comment box.
  • Click on the "Achievement Badge" option. When the badge image turns blue, it indicates that you've successfully displayed the achievement badge.

How to hide the achievement badge:

You can choose not to display the achievement badge when leaving a comment. Simply turn off the "Achievement Badge" option while commenting.

Can achievement badges be used in all forum?

You can only use achievement badges in forums where you have earned them. For example, if you earn a "Top Contributor" badge in the "Relationship" forum, you can only use this "Top Contributor" badge when commenting in the "Relationship" forum.

How many achievement badges can I earn?

Each user can earn one badge per forum. However, there's no limit to the number of forums in which you can earn badges.

Where can I see which achievement badges I have?

If you want to see all the awarded badges and their status, you can check the "My Achievements" page on your personal profile.

What is the validity period of achievement badges?

Each badge has a validity period of 14 days. During this period, you can choose to display or hide the badge with any comment you make. If your commenting behavior continues to meet the badge requirements during these 14 days, you can extend the badge's duration. Otherwise, the badge will disappear after the validity period ends.

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