Connect the World.

People crave understanding and belonging. We hope to create a space where people can freely exchange ideas and opinions, and find where they belong.

From Taiwan to the world, sparking connections and finding belonging.
Everyone is sharing on Dtto! With high penetration and influence amongst youth, we currently offer our services in Taiwan as Dcard, Hong Kong as Dcard.HK and Japan as Dtto, and are currently in the process of expanding overseas.
Dtto allowed us to meet, and find what truly connects us.
With every connection, a new miracle is created.
Woody - Renowned Cookbook Author
Share my favorite recipes with the community and improve my cooking skills alongside my fans!
Migao Mama - BTS Community Moderator
Finding people with the same interests as me is the most valuable part!
Mia - Lifestyle Creator
The platform is free and diverse, accompanying me through every day of creation.
Join us - let’s create a world - class internet company and spark connections together!
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At Dtto, you will work with your team to create a product that is loved and used by millions of people, a community that continues to create value and possibilities for all.
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